19 Cool Coffee Mugs for Men

Being a man means you need lots of coffee. Finding the right coffee mug is essential. And when it comes to men’s coffee mugs, the selection is huge. Here are ten of our favorite coffee mugs for guys.

#1. “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beardiful” Coffee Cups for Men

It will please every coffee or tea lover to take a sip from this man’s face mug. The ceramic material in the premium quality coffee cup imparts durability along with top-notch performance. I can fully recommend this to anyone with a beard.

#2. To-Do List Cup

That is the routine of a great man, and with the help of this cup, you will never forget what to do in the morning. The “To-Do List” design is featured on both sides of the mug instead of just one side. It’s nice to start your day with a cup of coffee and a smile.

#3. Retro Oil Can Manly Coffee Mugs

Ceramic oil can mugs which hold 11 oz are perfect for mechanics and car enthusiasts. You can choose from 4 brands: RPM, Mobiloil, Texaco, or STP. These mugs are a must-have in a car-themed man cave.

#4. “We The People” Stainless Coffee Tumbler

coffee mugs for men

Designed with laser etching, this powder-coated tumbler will last for years. Not a vinyl product; neither will it peel nor rub off. It will last for years. There are several colors available for this cup to suit all of you. This handmade product will not disappoint you.

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#5. “Have A Nice Day” Coffee Mug with Middle Finger on Bottom

Your meetings will be more enjoyable if you carry this mug. Let’s stop communicating in circles, stop cutting people off who are loud, and let’s stop listening to incessant kissing of the a$$es without recourse! You can personally tell them how you feel by just taking a sip from this handy mug.

#6. “I man” mug

We are strong, we are brave, and the best at BQQ. We know it. But, with the help of this mug in our hands, nobody will forget these facts.

#7. Tire Coffee Tea Mug

The man mug looks like tires stacked up on top of one another or like they’ve been tied together. You can lift it with the wrench-shaped handle. Great for mechanics or car enthusiasts.

#8. “Probably Whiskey” Enamel Mug

You can use this diverse mug for wine, beer, whiskey, coffee, tea, tequila, gin, and more. Pretty much anything you can think of. This item is made of enamel-coated cold-rolled steel, which is stronger than ceramic, and it is printed with high-quality ink to ensure durability. Both sides are printed with the phrase “Probably Whiskey” to accommodate right- and left-handed people.

#9. Pistol Coffee Mug

With these cool coffee mugs for guys, you’ll be able to get through Mondays with just a little extra shot of something special. Drinking this coffee with a shoot-up attitude makes you want to drink dangerously. These ceramic coffee cup pistols are perfect for gun enthusiasts and military personnel.

#10. Premium Brand Label Custom Coffee Cups for Men

The black coffee mug features a personalized brand label design. By deep engraving the background into the cup, sand carvers create a stunning 3D design by raising the lettering and details from the surface. A classic font style is featured on the label design, which includes your full last name. They’re much more beautiful than just engraved or surface-etched drinkware because an artist makes the deeply carved designs.

#11. Viking Stainless Steel Skull Mug

It’s hard to beat a Viking skull mug for the cool factor. Alright, it’s not an actual Viking skull, but still, it’s a really cool design. A skull mug with a 3D design is a perfect detail for horror fans’ man caves. Due to its stainless steel construction, the cup looks even more manly and powerful.

#12. Star Wars Storm Trooper Coffee Mug

Would you consider yourself to be a Star Wars fan? If so, this Storm Trooper will be a great addition to your collection. Just to take a sip from it. I am sure all nerds will be delighted with this mug.

#13. Custom “Top Guy” Mugs

Unlike your typical men’s mug, this one isn’t boring. Thanks to their classic retro styling and practical design, these men’s enamel mugs look wonderful on any countertop. Whether it’s a rewarding evening beer or a big morning cup of coffee, the carbon steel coffee cup for men can hold up to 14 ounces of your favorite beverage. The coffee tumblers for men have a large handle for a firm grip, and the finish is easy to wash. These mugs are the perfect addition to any man’s collection.

#14. Bolt Men Cups

That’s exactly what this coffee mug for him was made for: guys who know their tools. A bolt’s appearance is cool, but it’s also a practical and convenient product. It can serve as both a d├ęcor accessory and a coffee drinking vessel.

#15. Wooden Male Coffee Mug

These brown drinking cups made from natural Jujube wood will surely impress your guests, and each cup will taste even better than the last. If you drink your favorite beverage from this traditional wooden mug, you will feel as if you are at a Renaissance feast. With its easy-grip wooden handle, the wooden man mug offers a very comfortable grip that will allow you to drink your beverage comfortably and enjoy it to the fullest.

#16. F#CK! Mug

Whatever has you mad today, this humorous coffee mug for men offers a way to let go of what and who bothers you in your everyday life. It’s also the perfect way to express what you think after a long day.

#17. Cup With Guitar Handle

In the morning you can wake up with a cup of coffee or tea, or in the evening you can relax with hot chocolate. The great rock and roll guitar mug is an excellent addition to your man cave. A music stave and notes are engraved vertically on the mug, and a spiral keyboard is engraved on the lid.

#18. Zombie Ceramic Coffee Mug

This heat-sensitive coffee mug is exciting. The change from black to the actual zombie picture is amazing to watch. It’s perfect for fans of The Walking Dead or a horror man cave. You will find this helpful for starting the party! Just pick it up and let it do the rest. People will ask you where you purchased it, and you can either tell them or just walk away.

19. Arcade Coffee Mug With Joystick Handle

A vintage video game arcade is illustrated on the cup and a joystick is used for the handle. Any man who enjoys retro designs, video games, or cool mugs will love this design. Keep yourself energized and hydrated with this cute coffee mug all day long. You’ll love the fun handle and durable design of this mug whether you’re drinking coffee in the morning or relaxing in the afternoon.

What You Should Look for in a Coffee Mug

Choosing the Right Size

Size is a very important factor to consider. Coffee cups usually hold between 8 and 12 ounces of liquid. A large mug may hold anywhere from 24 to 36 ounces.

Choosing the Right Material

Materials also play a significant role. The majority of coffee mugs are made from porcelain or other ceramic materials.

In general, coffee mugs made from ceramics are primarily intended for home use. Even ceramics that are thicker are still susceptible to cracking, making them unsuitable for everyday use outside the house. A ceramic cup cannot absorb flavors since it is nonporous.

Coffee mugs made of stainless steel are also popular. The flavor of coffee is not altered by stainless steel, like ceramics. The benefit of this mug is that it can keep your coffee hot for a while, which makes it a great choice for travel.

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